Aims and objective of the association are as follows:-

1 To act as an effective channel of communication between the officers and management to sort out the officers grievances
2 To ensure career growth of the officer by way of:-
  a) Rational and scientific promotion policy
  b) Open system of annual performance appraisals
  c) Appraisal of Sr. Officers by immediate Jr. Officers
3 To achieve high level of wages/pay scale/allowance /incentives/perks/welfare facilities which shall be compatible to the best paying organisation in Private / public Sectors.
4 To get introduced officers benefit scheme
5 To get introduced suitable incentive scheme for acquiring and improving educational/ professional qualification of officers
6 To improve the work culture of the corporation so as to ensure its growth and development
7 To uphold  and propagate a value based professionalism among its members

To inculcate a sense of discipline , punctuality , responsibility and honesty in the officers of the corporation

9 To develop mutual respect , trust , moral and professional ethics
10 To foster a spirit of fellowship , solidarity and co-operation among the members
11 To generate in all TOA officers a feeling of participation and sense of belonging to the corporation
12 To maintain cleanliness and high level of hygiene in THDC office premises
13 To improve the performance of the Cells/ Deptt. of the corporation where payments of bills/ advances others matters of personal nature are being dealt with
14 To promote the spirit of team  work among the officers for the performance  of their duties


To co-ordinate with other affiliated associations/bodies  or any other such association in the area of mutual interest and benefits.

16 To organise  social services  , blood donation and health care camps etc.

To work  for the villages / families uplifted  in the nearby areas for creating awareness regarding  their improvements.


To organise seminars / conferences on the subjects like effective management with the warmth of human relations , productivity , national integration , participative management etc

19 To encourage officers to participate in events like sports , publication of articles on various subjects , attending professional seminars/ courses and other activities  that will earn name for the corporation
20 To encourage  the use of Hindi  in personal / official communication.
21 To propose to the management of the corporation suitable schemes of housing for its officers.
22 To spread literacy.
23 To conduct courses / training for supervisors and workers to improve their professional skills and qualification

To conduct any other activities which are conductive to the at tainment of he aims and objectives of the association by adopting lawful., legal and constitutional means.


To raise funds for acquiring premises and equipments for official use, which shall be solely utilized towards the promotion of its aims and objectives , and no part there of  shall be paid or trans or in any other manner whatsoever , to the present and past members  of the association and any profit whatsoever by virtue of its membership.

26 To provide effective assistance to its members in the matter of law, taxation, grievances, redressed etc.

To enter into agreements, contracts and settlements  with the Govt./management or any other person /body /organisation and generally take all steps conductive to achievement of objectives enumerated hare in.

28 To ensure existence of association as a non-political and non-profit making body.
29 To obtain representation and affiliation with various bodies/ organisations with view to advocate and protect interest of its members.